Sunday, August 28, 2011

chiropractic care

Below is an endorsement I wrote for my chiropractic doctor.  If you know me IRL and would like his contact info let me know.


When my sister-in-law sent me a Christmas card in 2009 with an invitation to a free screening and feedback session at Dr John’s office, I put it aside to think about.  I had been in a few car accidents over the years and had got used to living with the pain.  My right shoulder was so bad that I couldn’t sleep on that side and I would go for massage therapy to ease the pain.  Dr John’s staff called to invite me to come in but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to give chiropractic a try, so I asked them to call back another day.  I assumed they wouldn’t get back to it so was impressed when they followed up.  Meanwhile, I’d had a chance to bounce a lot of questions off my brother and felt more comfortable that this would be a legitimate course of treatment. 

I still remember meeting Dr John.  He seemed almost too concerned to be for real.  He even called me after seeing my x-rays to excitedly tell me he believed treatment would bring relief to my shoulder pain.  Now I understand that Dr John really is genuinely interested in helping each person.  This is more than a job for him -  it’s his calling and passion in life.

After an eye-opening educational session, my husband and I were on board for treatment not only for ourselves but also for our children.  We were so relieved when Dr John worked with us to find a way that we could afford this important care for our family.

Since then we’ve been coming faithfully for our adjustments and have seen improvements in our well-being.  We are rarely sick, and enjoy better energy levels – both quite a feat in a family with four small children!

The best change for me has been that I can now sleep any way I want to!  I know staying on track with my adjustments is crucial because when I have been away on vacation I have felt the difference in my pain levels.

Dr John and his team are willing to help you overcome barriers to receiving care.  We all need help to live in-line.  I recommend Dr John’s chiropractic care for everyone.

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