Sunday, August 14, 2011

Book review: "Keeping Our Children's Hearts" (Maxwell)

Keeping Our Children's Hearts: Our Vital Priority” by Steven and Teri Maxwell – August 2011

We purchased this book at the annual homeschooling conference in April 2011.  I started reading it in June or July and finished it while on vacation in August.  It’s a 268 page book which I felt I needed to read only about a chapter at a time because each chapter gave me so much to stop and think about.  I found it often put in words things I had a vague feeling or idea about and helped me find ways to better express why I have made certain choices around my children’s education and social life.

The book includes chapters such as “The Concept of Sheltering”, “The Biblical Basis of Sheltering”, “Sheltering from (various) Negative Influences”.

I would recommend this book to those who homeschool and choose a conservative lifestyle as I think it may help them in explaining their choices.  I would also recommend it for the grandparents of these children in order to assist them in understanding the parents’ heart for their children.  Parents who are leaning towards homeschooling because they feel there is something wrong with public education may also find this helpful.  I think the questions at the end of each chapter could be used as conversation starters for a husband and wife.

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