Thursday, August 18, 2011

Giving up Facebook

For quite some time I deluded myself into thinking I would just check Facebook on weekends, or maybe just evening, or just once a day.  But in reality it was every time I would stop by the computer.  And then I would sit down, and write a quick answer, "like" something, share something.  Before I knew it too much time had passed and my children had either stopped doing something they were supposed to be doing, or started doing something they weren't.

I had given up Facebook for Lent the past couple of years and each time felt that after Lent I would go back and use it more moderately.  A couple of people I know (Symph and MadTurki for example) gave it up for periods of time too.  A teen in Australia is giving up Facebook for a 40 hour famine to raise money for charity. 

Indeed, sometimes it began to feel a bit like a clothesline where one might air things that shouldn't be (ie. dirty laundry), other times it was like a contest to see who had done the most, or who had had the roughest day... or maybe just who had the wittiest status update.

I read Jaynee's blog and was struck by this comment she shared about why she was giving up Facebook:
*Going house to house
The Lord has given me several people in my life to which He has called me to minister.  He's given me my husband.  He has given me my children.  He's called us to minister here in our little town in Mexico where He has brought up a church...a body of believers who are growing together in the faith and reaching out to those around them.  He's given me some dear family members/friends.  One's whom love, care and pray for me and I for them.
And while I may spend most all of my time inside of my home, I can still "leave" without physically leaving.  I Timothy 5:13 says "And withal they learn to be idle, wandering about from house to house; an not only idle, but tattlers also and busybodies, speaking things which they ought not."  
Facebook made it easy to see everyone's business.  In fact, blogs can do the same thing.  They can take up precious time that the Lord has given us to do other invest in the lives of those He's give to us. When making up our schedule each school year, I always remind myself that while there are many "good" things to spend my time on, the Lord has only given me 24 hours each day and I want those 24 hours to be used as He would have me to use them.

Finally, after our week long vacation with no access to technology, I realized that for me Facebook does more harm than good.  So I've deleted all my photos and information and "unfriended" everyone but my husband - it just didn't feel right ya know... it was pretty weird taking myself off as his wife, but at least he still shows as being married! 

Yes, the argument is made that it's a way to stay connected.  I love sharing photos and looking at other people's photos.  But I can share photos through Google (let me know if you want to be on my list - if you know me IRL), and I decided that it would be better for me to stay connected by actually connecting with people.  One-on-one.  Like by writing a personal email.  Or maybe *gasp* talking on the phone!

What about you - what is your level of involvement with Facebook?


  1. Oh, and the reason it's not actually deleted is because my Union has a group on there where they post info that I might not otherwise see - "informal" discussions and such.

  2. Oh how I can relate...I took almost 8? weeks off back in February for a variety of reasons...and came back with a MUCH healthier perspective.

    I did "reactivate" myself, because of the blog and writing and certain connections that I need to be able to maintain...but...I kept all of my notifications deactivated so that I actually have to log on to see things...I don't get any emails...that has really helped.

    I think I'm also so turned off by "the wall"...that I really do evaluate why everyone would or would not need to read my words in an open forum.

    Appreciate your willingness to evaluate all this...and be open to God's leading.

  3. I wanted to "like" a few sentences in there :P Does this mean we'll get invites to come visit you guys more often?

  4. @Kara - I have a page on there for my husband's business too so that's why I haven't actually deleted the account.

    I need to be careful that I don't substitute blogs in place of Facebook :-)

    @MadTurki - see the personal I email I sent you :-)