Thursday, January 25, 2007

a day in the life...

Well, today DS1 ate playdoh (it was yellow and he said it was "honey") and drew all over himself with green marker (washable thankfully).  Pooped in his diapers 3 times - I was not impressed!  Still on the lunch strike.  Doesn't eat lunch, then has a big snack when he gets up from nap... I keep saying I'm just going to reheat his lunch but just don't have the heart to. 
DS2 woke up this morning with poop all up his back, but other than that only one clothing change.  Have been using bibs and that is helping spit up king not to ruin his outfit hourly.   

What an exciting day... the usual 2 loads of laundry.  And the dishes.  Actually I was quite a slacker today, didn't even sweep the floor.  Just washed up the green handprints from the markers...

Went out for a total of 60 minutes almost exactly - came back and DS1 had knocked over all my library books and spilled my milk - yes, my breastmilk that I pathetically can only get 1 oz each feeding so it takes me 3 feedings to get 3 oz and then I have to put the milk in the fridge because it can only stay out for 8 hours and I can't combine etc etc.  So I have a pile of 3 oz bottles in the freezer, which is practially useless since a feeding is 4 oz.  Anyways, DS1 spilled my milk all over the library books - GROSS!  J was making dinner when it happened so I guess I can't complain too much but I still wasn't happy.
DS1 had a HUGE tantrum tonight because I've gone from just giving any candy for peeing to little candies for pee and big ones (lolly pops) for poop (though there hasn't been any poop on potty yet - trying to motivate it!)  So he FREAKS OUT because he only peed and really wants a lolly and I'm only giving him a little candy.  Throws his naked little self on the floor SCREAMING and raving mad.  Wakes up DS2 of course.  Now J is mad because he's had a long day at work and we're tired and all we want is for the kids to sleep so we can have some time together at the end of the day, sigh.  Anyway, J took DS1 to his room and closed the door so it wouldn't be so loud and disturb DS2 so much.  DS2 must've carried on screaming and yelling, hysterical (not in the funny way) for about half an hour.  I sat on the bathroom floor and cried.  At the end of the day I'm so tired I just feel overwhelmed dealing with this kind of meltdown.  Then I took a shower.  Then I spent an hour lying beside DS1 waiting for him to fall asleep. 
So... that was my super exciting day as a sahm... now to spend time with dh and get to bed asap.

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