Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas Newsletter 2007

2007 was the year we all succumbed to the Facebook phenomenon.  Many many photos have been posted on Kristina’s profile and you can find us by searching either of our names.

The year began and ended with babies.  In January we welcomed a new niece – M – daughter of K’s brother, D, and his wife, C.  We are looking forward to a new addition from them later in the new year.  In December we welcomed a new quasi-nephew – J – son of K’s brother-in-law S’ brother, M, and his wife V.

DS1 turned 3 in July and is a very verbal, energetic, intelligent little boy.  He still enjoys playing with his trains and loves being read to.  He knows his colours, numbers, and letters and will probably do well in Junior Kindergarten in Fall 2008.  He has a few good friends as K meets with two other moms once a week and between them there are 7 kids, plus occasional extras when cousins join in.

DS2 turned 1 in November and is also a very energetic child!  He started walking around 10 months and tries very hard to keep up with his big brother.  One of his favourite activities is opening the stove drawer and taking out all the pot lids, baking sheets, and frying pans.  He also loves to take the big broom and walk around the house with it, trying to sweep the floor.

In September K started part time studies at the Faculty of Information Sciences.  She is out two evenings a week and it will take 4 years to complete her Masters on a part time basis.  Meanwhile she continues to work at the Central Library on a part time basis.

J stepped into the role of Inventory Management Associate at H.D. this year, a lateral move but with significantly more responsibility.  He starts work at 5:30am and is home by 3pm so it is a good arrangement for our family, allowing both of us to spend time with the boys.

We didn’t travel too much this year.  A trip to Buffalo to finalize DS1’s U.S. citizenship.  A couple of trips to New Jersey to visit J’s family.  And our annual trip to World’s End State Park in Pennsylvania. 

In July we billeted two international students once again.  This year we had one from Germany and one from Spain.  The Spanish student learned some new English words after coming home late repeatedly = “curfew”  and “grounded”.  The German student really took to the kids and has kept in touch and hopes to visit us again next summer.

In the fall K’s parents moved from their home of 20 years to a new home.  We will be spending Christmas with them this year.

From our home to yours, we wish you a very merry Christmas and happy New Year.

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