Friday, December 1, 2006

Christmas Newsletter 2006

The year in review…
  • In February K received a promotion at the library from the position of “Page” to “Circulation Clerk.”
  •  In March we took a quick trip to Buffalo for DS1’s immigration hearing to become a U.S. citizen.  The hardest part turned out to be proving that J had actually lived in the U.S. since he was home-schooled so didn’t have any school attendance records!
  • March also saw K’s grandparents move closer – allowing for much for frequent visits, which we are very happy about.
  • In April we celebrated Easter/Passover with J’s family in New Jersey.
  • In June we were able to spend over 2 weeks in Brazil, visiting the places where K grew up as well as tourist sights.
  • In July we billeted two international students – one from France and one from Mexico.
  • In August we vacationed with J’s family once again at World’s End state park in PA.  G especially enjoyed playing in the creek and trying “smores” by the campfire.
  • In September we celebrated K’s grandparents’ 60th anniversary with a river cruise in the Caledonia area.
  • At the end of September we welcomed a new nephew – son of K’s sister, C, and her husband, R. 
  • October marked the celebration of C’s 30th birthday with a party.
  • DS2 was born on November 9th at 2:25am at home – as planned but more quickly than planned!  J delivered the baby in the bathroom and the paramedics and midwife arrived shortly after.
  • This year we will be spending Christmas with K’s family.
  • J continues to work at H.D. in the Lumber & Building Materials Dept.
  • K has applied to the Faculty of Information Sciences to complete a Masters of Information Sciences.  By studying part time over 4 years she would be able to become a librarian.  We hope to hear back as to an acceptance later in the new year.
Wishing you a very merry Christmas and happy new year.

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