Sunday, April 5, 2009

Homeschool Curriculum

I was talking to my sister tonight about homeschooling and put together a quick list for her of some of the curriculum I'm familiar with.  There really is so much to choose from so these are just some that I've personally seen or researched.

Abeka  This is good for science, I'm using the Grade 1 level with my JK son.

My Father's World This is also very nice.  I have the Kindergarten stuff on loan right now but opted against it and am using Weaver instead.

Five in a Row I have this but haven't used it yet.  and  This is the curriculum I'm using.

Tapestry of Grace  Looks great but seems like a bit of work.

Sonlight  This is a fairly popular one.  I don't buy their stuff but do enjoy the newsletters and will sometimes use their book list at the library.

Vision Forum  I've listened to several of their CDs and have really enjoyed them.  "Ontario Christian Home Educators Connection"  This page looks a little busy but might have something of interest

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