Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Christmas Newsletter 2008

We are early for a Christmas newsletter but with our upcoming move we wanted to get our new address and phone number to you and figured we might as well include the annual newsletter.  After living in our townhouse since February 2003, we felt we needed something with a larger yard to meet the needs of our energetic little boys!  At the end of August we found a lovely detached home on a cul-de-sac in Burlington.  The purchase went very smoothly and our prayers were answered when the very first person who saw our townhouse put in an offer and bought it!  We move on October 31st.

The baby theme continued this year with little A being born in June to K’s brother D and his wife C.  Another special occasion we marked was that K’s niece R turned 13 and we blessed her with a “Bar Barakah” ceremony, celebrating her passage from childhood into adulthood.  Each family shared special memories of R and presented her with a Scripture verse.

DS1 turned 4 in July and continues to be a very energetic little boy.  We are homeschooling him this year and he is learning steadily.  He is very interested in reading, knows the alphabet inside out, and is already reading several sight words.  He has begun counting into the teens and seems to understand the concepts of addition and subtraction.  His creative skills are also blooming as he paints recognizable items and tries out the piano.

DS2 turns 2 on November 9th and has lots to say!  He comes across as a bit shy and is very affectionate. Homeschooling seems to be rubbing off on him as he recognizes the alphabet and tries to sing the alphabet song.

J continues in the role of Inventory Management Associate at H.D. and has done a lot of learning with the implementation of a new ordering system.  He is becoming somewhat of an expert in this area and is frequently asked for input.  He plays a key role with the boys, being home with them pretty much every night while K is at school or work.  K is now in her second year of part time studies, working on completing her Masters of Information Sciences.  In June she transferred from the Central Library to a branch and is finding that gives her more opportunity to practice her reference skills.

In July we enjoyed a visit to K’s family in another province to celebrate her cousin’s wedding.  We also billeted two international students for the 4th year.  Last year’s German student returned and was joined by a student from France.  In August we traveled to Hershey, PA for J’s cousin’s wedding and were able to meet up with the whole extended clan.  It was a true reunion, complete with souvenir t-shirts!  From there we continued on to World’s End State Park for our annual vacation with J’s family.

We are looking forward to spending Christmas and New Year’s in NJ this year as we haven’t done so since before G turned one!

Wishing you every blessing as you head into the Christmas season!

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