Thursday, April 7, 2016

Tea Time

I had the day off work today (in preparation for a 6 day work week next week) so decided to have some quality "lady time." I booked my 6 year old daughter off school and we drove the 30 minutes or so to visit my grandmother, Nanny.

Nanny turns 95 this month and I thank God that she is in such good health. At her age her eyesight is weak due to macular degeneration,  going down steps is hard, and walking leaves her winded, but other than that she's great! She is sound of mind, able to get around, and such a delight to be with.

My daughter and I surprised her and took her out for tea at a fancy little place she loves. This tea room is known for their homemade scones, served warm and accompanied by strawberry jam and Devon cream. Mmmm, so good! How lovely to catch up with each other in this special setting.

After dropping Nanny back off at her apartment, my daughter and I stopped by my grandfather's grave on the way home. We had an opportunity to talk a lot about what it means to die. That our bodies are just shells for what matters most, our spirits. How being Christians means that we'll see our loved ones again in Heaven if they have asked Jesus to be their Savior.

My daughter may have missed a little math or spelling at school today, but she won't remember that. What I hope she'll remember is special time with her mom and great-grandmother, and an important conversation about eternity.

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  1. You are a good Mama. These lessons are far more important than spelling or math. They are life. What a sweet memory you will all have and cherish.