Monday, April 28, 2014

It's never too late for Easter bonnets

There's something you might not know about me. In fact, even if you know me in real life, unless you are a Facebook friend who tracks my photos carefully, you might have missed something.

I think my interest in headcovering came early, as I recall loving the look of Easter bonnets and wishing I could wear one. In early 2013, my sister shared with our sister-in-law and I how she had felt led to begin covering. My sister-in-law researched it and approached her pastor about it and began covering in summer 2013.

As I considered 1 Corinthians 11:2-16, I felt that this was something that I too wanted to do. I talked to my husband about it, but he was hesitant because he was concerned that people would think that he was in some way domineering. He is far from it, and is hugely supportive of me and the journey God has been taking me on. I waited and began pointing out the very few women I noticed at church who covered. At a church of 500+ I think I spotted maybe five women who wore anything from an African style head wrap, to a bandana.

I began wearing scarves so that I would have something handy should I feel led to cover during a service. In September 2013 we attended a conference at the church and during the worship I felt to kneel and pull the scarf over my head. I immediately felt such a deep sense of connection with God's presence, like I was enclosed in an intimate space with Him. After this my husband told me I could go ahead and cover if I wanted to.

I started out wearing small hats, as it seemed like a subtler way to go. People glanced briefly at them but didn't say anything. Then one week I wore a scarf wrapped around my head - acquaintances didn't know what to make of it! One came up and touched it and teasingly asked what I had under there. But another asked me if I had taken up headcovering and she longingly shared that she wished her husband would approve of her wearing one. She asked me what I thought of the scriptures around it and I explained I wasn't actually prepared to discuss them that day as I had began to cover more out of conviction that from a thorough study.

I mainly wear bandanas that I purchased at Ardene. I also have a few hats purchased from the Salvation Army Thrift Store, and some knit berets that I bought at Once Upon a Child. I have several scarves (Salvation Army and Value Village finds) and would love to try more of a tichel style. I currently only cover my head when I go to church, when we celebrate Shabbat at home, or during our recent Passover celebration. I have interpreted Paul's instructions in 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 as applying primarily to the public gathering of believers. I have thought about the implications of this when I attend a small group/Bible study, as well as at family gatherings. I haven't crossed that bridge yet though smile emoticon

When I started covering we were attending a large charismatic church in a major city. Since then we have moved to a smaller Pentecostal church a few minutes from our home. Denominationally they are very similar, we moved due to wanting to put more roots down closer to home. Neither teaches headcovering, though I have not been opposed at all in this practice. 

I read a number of sites that had been suggested to me in order to better understand the arguments against headcovering. In the end, the most compelling reason to me is simply that it is commanded in the same breath that other directions we have been given and maintain are.

As a woman who works outside the home, it's easy to get caught up in being in charge of things. When I wear a headcovering, I remember the order God has set out. I'm thankful that God is my husband's head and that my husband is my covering. I am blessed.

I was very encouraged a couple of weeks ago when I noticed the gentleman sitting in front of me searching his Bible app for the section on women and headcovering in worship! I am hopeful that as people see me and wonder why I am wearing a headcovering, that they will be challenged to accept all of God's truth in scripture. 


  1. Great Post. It definitely gives pause for thought. It seems that there are less people who raise their eyebrows about short hemlines, than for head coverings.

  2. Thanks Jennifer. Short hemlines and what constitutes "nudity" according to the Bible is another great potential blog post. For myself I've chosen to wear tops that don't show cleavage and they normally have 3/4 length sleeves. "Shorts" need to go to the knees so I really wear capris rather than shorts.