Monday, February 4, 2013

Calvirio Boys' Home

My family is supporting a school/crèche in Rio de Janeiro. The Calvirio Boys' Home has been functioning since the 1990s and has seen many boys from precarious situations come through it's doors. The home has a capacity for 25 and is also a school for the poorest children in the neighbourhood. The school includes a creche and takes babies and toddlers, to care for many little ones who were left to their own resources.

shower doors

Last year we had the opportunity to send a financial gift and it was well used to provide gates, shower doors, and half doors for cupboards. Imagine a shower door being an unaffordable luxury.

Hallway Roof
When we had an opportunity again at the beginning of this year, our thoughts immediately turned once again to the Calvirio Boys' Home. For many years Calvirio’s roof has been giving problems and now leaks in every room! When the rainy season is on, Nov - Feb/March, water just pours in. Several attempts have been made to fix it, which worked for a while, but in reality it needs to be completely replaced and the cost is prohibitive and so has never been a possibility. Just recently one of the staff slipped on the wet floor and fractured her knee and everyone decided that somehow something had to be done. They looked around again and this time found a company who is prepared to accept 3 monthly payments, instead of the normal 30 days. The total cost will be nearly $12,000 USD.

Water Damage
I'm inviting you to consider supporting this project by making a donation at and designating it to this project. 

If you'd like more information or photos, you can contact me at bezrathashem.blogspot [at] gmail [dot] com

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