Saturday, February 21, 2015

2015 Reading List

In my update on my 2014 reading, I promised to reveal my 2015 reading list. I read just over 5 books a month last year, not including the ones I started and decided not to finish, for a total of 61 books.

I'm 2015 my goal is to read (finish) 60 books:

33 books from my personal shelves
2 each from the Forest of Reading categories: Blue Spruce, Evergreen, Golden Oak, Red Maple Fiction, Red Maple Non-Fiction, Silver Birch Fiction, Silver Birch Non-Fiction, Silver Birch Express, and White Pine (18 books).
2 from each Raves & Faves category: Adult Non-Fiction, Adult Fiction, Young Adult, Junior Non-Fiction, Junior Fiction, Picture Book (12 books).
10 books for book club

This brings me to 73 books, but I'm hoping there will be some overlap in categories!

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