Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Newsletter 2011

Greetings to your home from ours this Christmas season!

2011 was a busy year in our home and the word "transition" would probably be one of the best ways to sum up our year.

In February our son was born at home with the support of our midwives, and of course dh! DS3 was a chubby baby and we delighted in having a baby with rolls! We enjoyed a visit from dh's family at the end of March when we dedicated ds3 at church.

In April, my extended family got together to celebrate my grandmother's 90th birthday. What a blessing it is that Nanny is still in great health and sharp as anything. It was good to see relatives who made the long drive from M...

After four years of part-time studies, I received her Masters of Information Studies degree in June. It was great to have my Dad, dh, and baby ds3 there. When I was asked how I managed to get my degree with four children, I proudly pointed to dh in the stands - couldn't have done it without his tremendous support all these years. My mom supported us behind the scenes by watching the three older children so that dh could attend with four month old ds3 (who needed to be near his meal plan!).

At the end of June we enjoyed a visit from dh's mom and sisters to celebrate dh's birthday. The following weekend dh's brother came up for the Canada Day long weekend and helped dh install an egress window in the basement bedroom. It was a gruelling and very dirty job as they dug down to the foundation, cut the wall, and installed the window.

DS1 turned 7 in July. He is in Grade2 and has a very strong grasp of math. This year he has found a love of art and is enjoying our "Art With a Purpose" curriculum. He continues to read everything he can get his hands on and is working his way through encyclopedias! He is advancing well in his swimming lessons also and this will be his final year as a "Spark" in AWANA before he moves up to the next level next Fall.

In August we took our annual trip to a State Park in P... to vacation with dh's family. We love the beautiful surroundings, enjoying the creek, lounging in the hammock, campfires, and being able to spend a week catching up with the family. Having two under two was a new experience this year, and one that prompted us to take a break next year since the great outdoors is a difficult place to try to contain so many adventurous explorers!

In September I returned to work in the Library System and dh took a leave from his workplace to assume the balance of the parental leave at home with the children. He has done a great job of picking up the reins with homeschooling and running our home full-time.

In November dh's mom and sister came up and gave DS2 a great surprise for his 5th birthday. We hadn't told him they were coming and he was speechless when he saw them at the door! Which, if you know DS2, is saying a lot!!

DS2 is doing Senior Kindergarden work and is an avid reader. He has done very well with his swimming lessons at the Y, and this year is enjoying being a "Spark" in the AWANA group the boys attend weekly.

DD turned 2 in November. She truly is our little Princess and we love the flash of pink and fun she brings to our home. We have been fascinated to see how she loves accessories! From hairclips, to bracelets, to little purses, we are learning that girls are innately unique!

We are thankful for God's blessings and provision for us this year. We look forward to catching up with you so please drop us a line!

From our family to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a very blessed 2012!

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