Friday, November 18, 2011

working homeschooling mom?

I don't find much on the internet about homeschooling families where the mom works outside of the home.  So here I am making my contribution...

Back in August I was offered a part-time position at the Library (where I had worked prior to going on what would become a 2 year maternity leave!)  The position was at a higher level than the one I would've been returning to, and a new concept which was been piloted for a year.  After studying part-time for the past 4 years in order to attain my Master of Information degree, I was keen on beginning to appy my learnings and move up through the system.

I started the job and my DH left work and assumed the parental leave we were entitled to due to DS3's birth.  DH took on the household responsibilities, including homeschooling.  He is fantastic at it!  Not only has he always been a very "hands on" dad, but has always been very involved helping with household chores and is the main cook in our home.  DH does a great job of staying on top of laundry, keeping the house reasonably tidy, making sure children are fed and bathed, taking them to their weekly phys ed classes at the Y, and teaching Grades 2 and SK.

For my part, I have since moved into a full-time position and truly love it.  I enjoy using my brain and skills in new ways, being able to interact with different people and help them, and the adult conversation.  I am looking ahead to when a Librarian position opens up that I can apply to.

Some of the adjustments we've had:
- I was able to adapt to life with 4 kids over a 6 year period... DH was thrown into it all at once and had to sink or swim!
- As much as we (homeschooling moms) say that Dad is the "Principal" of the homeschool, the dads rarely show up to homeschool support groups - leaving my DH as the token representative now.  This has also caused some discomfort for nursing moms I think.

What about you - what roles do Mom & Dad play in your home?

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