Friday, July 8, 2011

Shoe storage for six

We live in a 12 foot home... Most of those pairs of feet owns a pair of flip flops/sandals (sometimes both), a pair of slippers, two pairs of running shoes, a pair of Sunday dress shoes, and a pair of winter boots.  Some also own work boots or rubber boots.  That's a lot of shoes!  Want to know how we store them?

In our family of 6 I have a "boot tray" by the back door that the 3 kids' (not for baby yet) keep a pair of running shoes and a pair of flip flops in summer or boots in winter on.  I also have a pair of my own flip flops and slip on shoes there.  Since the kids are all pretty small it works ok, with some shoes stacked on top of each other.


In the front closet I have a hanging thing from Ikea that I keep the kids' Sunday shoes and better pair of running shoes in (so that when they're going to AWANA for example their shoes aren't the muddy ones from the back yard).  There's another boot tray on the floor of the closet and that's where running shoes, flip flops, Sunday shoes, dh's work boots go.  It usually requires shoes to be stacked on top of each other.

DD1's shoes extra shoes are stored on a little shelf in her room.  DS3's shoes are stored on a shelf in his cupboard too since they're so small.

I keep the off season shoes in a storage area in the basement, so that's where the boots are now.  I have 3 dressers in the basement and I store the kids' too big/small shoes there.  I made myself a list of which shoes are in which dresser so I can see at a glance what size, gender and style I have.


This works well for smaller feet but I have larger shoes in shoe boxes under beds for when we get to those sizes.  I don't have an ideal storage system for the winter boots as I find they take up more space so I'd prefer to keep them out of the dresser drawers.  I should also mention that the shoes have been washed before going in to the drawers.

What about you?  How do you store your family's shoes?

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