Wednesday, June 22, 2011

on cancer and indulging in pink...


That one word conjures up so many emotions for people.

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, cancer is the leading cause of premature death in Canada, with two in 5 Canadians developing some form of cancer in their lifetime.

My family has been very blessed not to really have been personally affected by cancer.   I remember as a child around age 11 hearing that my great-grandfather had passed away from cancer.  Then about 5 years ago I heard that one of my uncles had to undergo chemotherapy.  Thankfully he responded well to it.

By far the most difficult encounter I have had with cancer in my life has been witnessing a friend lose her precious oldest daughter to it at age 7.  Through all of this my friend truly lived out her faith in God – indeed, she and her husband walked through this valley of the shadow of death with God’s help.   This past mother’s day this same friend took part in a special fundraising walk and raised over $1,000 to raise awareness!

I was researching other ways of generating awareness about cancers and found some nice breast cancer awareness merchandise – seems like a great way to raise awareness and support a “girly” pink purchase :-) For fun I like to sort the products from high to low price to see what’s at the top end.  How about a case of 250 chocolate coins in Pink Foil for $99.99?  If that’s too rich for you, request a free sample of the pink, peel-and-stick embroidered ribbon.  Sorting by customer review, I have to agree, the Awareness Duffel Bag really is lovely and will only set you back $14.95.

July, August, and December are the only months where the Canadian Cancer Society hasn’t selected a specific type of cancer to focus on.  But give it more than a passing thought… and when breast cancer awareness month rolls around in October you’ll have some ideas of how to raise awareness (and possibly even indulge in some pink)! 

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