Saturday, April 9, 2011

iPod nano

I am so old and so out of touch... but that's nothing new to me...

If not for CDs being easily scratched by children, and CD players getting old/dusty/abused and skipping a beat more often than not now... and if not for looking older than Methuselah if I were to use a "walkman" or the more modern "discman" while I work out...

What I really want is a docking station - and those you can get reasonably "cheap".  But it would appear almost none of them would accept anything other than a genuine iPod - thus forcing me to buy a more expensive MP3 player than I probably need.

So since I was at Walmart (with all 4 kids on my own!) I decided it was time to spend my Christmas money and my allowance that I've been saving up.  It was actually ridiculously simple to buy, all I had to pick was a colour - PINK!

I love the little box it comes in!  The instructions however make A LOT of assumptions about one's technical expertise.  Seriously.  I've never owned something where I could touch the screen to make things happen.  The concept of "swipe" or rotating the screen, or shaking the iPod to shuffle songs (SHAKE it???) is foreign to me.  Yup, I'm an old fogey!

Hope my little bro gets a good laugh out of this post ;-)

[argh - when I went to add the link I see I could've bought it cheaper online since the Canadian $ is so strong it would've only cost me $152.67 including taxes and free engraving and shipping (to the in-laws' in the US though so I would've had to wait until I see them in August to get it).  I paid $180.12 :-( ]

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