Saturday, March 19, 2011

Workboxes - Week One

So I decided to give workboxes a try this week.  My usual setup until now had been this:

Basically to the right is my "Come Sit By Me" curriculum book the boys' agendas where I keep a record of what we do each day, the story books needed for the week, folders with their completed copywork and math, construction paper, and a GeoSafari.

The trays have workbooks, work in progress, and completed work.  The top is DS1's and the bottom is DS2's.

Then to the left is a basket with school supplies (markers, pencils, crayons, glue sticks, scissors, etc), behind that is a box of math manipulatives, and more of them are in the box to the far left.

This is an Ikea storage unit in our living room.  Since DD is only 16 months I had to make sure the workboxes would be high enough for her not to get into them.

The workboxes are on the 3rd shelf down to the left.  As you can see, I also ended up going with only one box for each boy.

DS1's work - Grade 1
 Inside each bin is a folder (I made one in a different colour for each day of the week) with the day's list of assignments attached.  

The list starts with:
Make sure you have:
- your Bible
- your AWANA book
- a pencil and eraser
- abacus (DS1)
- a smile :-)

DS2's work - JK

 It's broken down into:
1. Circle Time (everyone together)
2. Individual Time (you and Mommy):
3. Snack Break:
4. On Your Own Time (you alone):
5. Free Time
I also put in a teddy bear shaped eraser as a little "treat".

The boys were very excited about "workboxes" - DS2 had toolboxes in mind I think because he asked where the tools were.  I think some of the excitement was from seeing me planning for them and feeling something "special" was going on.  

It worked well for me because they were able to take their whole workbox to the table and work on what was in their with less hands on guidance from me.  It also helped me to be able to have individual time with each of them, which I sometimes don't get to.

So we'll be continuing with my modified version of workboxes :-)


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