Wednesday, March 9, 2011

B'Ezrat Hashem?

"B'Ezrat Hashem" is Hebrew and means "with G-d's help".

It was hard to find an English phrase that hadn't already been taken.  So since I love Judaism, and by association Hebrew, I thought this would do nicely.

With God's help - that's how I get through each day.  It's how I manage to homeschool my two oldest children with another two under two.  It's how I managed to homeschool while working part time.  It's how I survived homeschooling while working part time and studying for a Master's degree!

With God's help - it's how we are trying to raise our children.  It's how we are able to make ends meet.

With God's help - I am hoping to become that Proverbs woman...

Posted March 9, 2011

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