Friday, March 21, 2008

what would you do...

"What have you done or what do you plan on doing if you ever lose your child?"

 "we" (= dh) lost our 3 1/2 DS at our very large (warehouse sized!) church a month or so ago.  I was in the bathroom and DS1 got away from dh and when I came out we couldn't find him.  First thing I did was head to the doors to make sure he wasn't being taken away by a stranger, or leaving on his own.  Then walked all over the building, went up to the 2nd floor balcony that overlooks the main floor and looked all over.  Was in a complete panic.  Finally dh found DS1 coming out of the bathroom. DS1 had gone into the ladies' looking for me then into the mens'.  I cried and told him how upset he had made me, dh had a good talk with him.

What I have done:
- make sure DS knows our real first and last names as well as his own
- told him if he gets separated from us at church to go back to where we normally sit.
- I can usually describe what he's wearing and have a fairly recent photo in my wallet.

When my nephew (6? 7? yo) goes to birthday parties on his own my sister puts a note in his pocket with her name and phone number on it.

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